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By January 21, 2012

Black People and The Movie Red Tails

The new George Lucas/Anthony Hemingway movie about the Tuskegee Airmen Red Tails is getting reviews all over the place. Some Black people really really like it, and others really really hate it.

I haven’t seen the movie myself and have no real interest in it. War movies just isn’t my thing, though I am 100% proud of the Tuskegee Airmen in every way. My point here is not about the movie itself, it is about the reaction Black Americans are having to it.

All over the web reviews are being posted, some great and some call the movie “mediocre” and claim that Tyler Perry may as well have made it due to the poor writing, directing and acting. When I see things like that, I wonder what people were expecting from a movie about men that fly planes.

Anyway, that isn’t the point here. My goal is to caution Black people that tend to have “faith” and believe everything they are told like children, to get their thinking caps on and snap to it.

In other words, before Black folks do their typical “believe what they are told” thing, I want to caution all of you to think for yourself. Stop following what someone else says and believing their opinion about Red Tails (which is all it is), as a fact.

The reviews are as mixed as the reviewers. People should see this and any other movie and form their own opinion. Remember, we all like different things. That is why there are different types of cars, different genres of books, different types of sandwiches even. We like different things!

We like different toppings on our burgers, we have different tastes in music and we certainly don’t all like the same style of clothing or shoes or even hair. Why should you think you will automatically like or not like a movie based on some other persons opinion of it.

Never allow someone else’s choices to impact your opinion about something you have not tasted, seen or driven yourself. Make up your OWN mind. Then you can talk.

Until you do that, you are merely parroting the opinion of someone else which makes you a drone, a fool that is not using your brain. A mere follower that believes everything you are told without ferreting out the truth for yourself. Sadly, that is the majority of black people. Escape the crowd at the bottom and refuse to be one of those “I believe it because I heard it” mindless drones.

If you cared enough to be curious about the movie Red Tails, go ahead and see it and make your own assessment.

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