Dating EBook Guides Women to the Arms of Mr. Right

For Women Tired of Being Treated Like Nothing but a Booty Call

Using the information I’ll give you in this book, you will soon be able to easily eliminate game playing chumps, users and commitment phobics from your life…. and finally meet the man of your dreams!

Ladies, I know you are:

  • Tired of wasting your time going on dates with men that talk on the phones or text all night
  • Sick to death of men that expect you to carry the load, including pay for dates
  • Fed up with being in one short-term relationship after another
  • Worn out from doing everything you can to ‘make’ it work
  • Through with loving men that aren’t ready or willing to love you back
  • Interested in learning how to change your selection criteria to draw the perfect partner into your life

Since we both know your answer to every question above is “YES”, don’t waste another second. Quickly learn how to screen out knuckleheads and meet the man of your fantasies. Your tears of frustration and loneliness can finally be gone forever!

Imagine yourself in love and happy with a man perfect for you. With these secrets you could finally stop wasting your love on jerks, and open the door to the person you’ve  been searching for. Click graphic above to be taken directly to the order page or to download a FREE sample chapter.



Hello, my name is Deborrah Cooper. I’ve been involved in the relationships field as an advice columnist and author for almost two decades. During that period of time I’ve helped men and women all over the world improve their dating choices and romantic relationships.

And though I have years of personal experience in dating and vetting men NOW, I used to be right where you are:

Sick and Tired of Going On One Unbelievably Bad Date After Another…

Sometimes I’d come home and feel like I had a sign on my forehead that said “Suckas Wanted!” I know I’m not the only one that’s felt this way:

How many times have you come home from a date that started with high hopes and ended in bitter disappointment?

How many times have you had your feelings hurt by someone that wasn’t attentive, rejected you or stood you up?

How many times have you left a date so upset at how you were treated that you immediately called your best friend to cry on her shoulder?

How many times have you been out with a man, and wished you’d stayed at home?

How many times have you gone out with a guy and realized at the end of the date, all he talked about was himself, or worst yet, sex?

How many times have you found yourself dreading going on yet another date because you don’t want to risk getting attached and hurt again?

Yeah, we’ve all been there.

But what if I gave you the secret to quickly change HOW you choose men to date so that you can screen in the person you’ve always imagined you’d share your life with?

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