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By December 8, 2013

Mom Charges Dad $1 a Minute to Visit His Sons

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There is an interesting graphic floating around Facebook that I wanted to share with you all. It retells the story of a young couple with twin boys I originally saw posted in text form on Facebook – so the graphic posted at right does not represent the writer of the original post. It appears she was sharing it with others and it made its way onto Facebook. Anyway, the post shares the story of how a mother handles her baby daddy to make sure he provides for his sons even though he got fired from his job a few months ago.

Check this out.

Let me tell you! Folks was mad at her! The young mother in question got called all kinds of names. Black women felt she should feel sorry for him and coddle and baby him since he lost his job.

I personally thought her way of handling him was brilliant and wish more women would do the same. Men should NOT be let off the hook of supporting their children simply because they lost a job. Sell cans, work temp, do day labor, whatever you need to do in order to provide for yours. That’s what my father and grandfather did, and I see no reason for men of today to avoid their responsibilities.

Not knowing what he did to get fired, there is the possibility that the mother may be totally correct and that his termination is the direct result of some behavior which ultimately caused the problem he is now dealing with.

Let’s go over some of the many reasons people are routinely fired from their jobs for just cause:

  • Showing up late repeatedly
  • Missing shifts altogether without calling in
  • Failing a random drug test
  • Fighting with staff
  • Fighting with customers
  • Fighting with the boss
  • Spreading rumors or gossip about company or staff
  • Refusing to follow orders (insubordination)
  • Being written up too many times
  • Sexual harassment of staff or clients
  • Sleeping on the job
  • Out of regulation uniform which means unfit for duty and being sent home
  • Failure to pay union dues
  • Damaging company property
  • Poor performance over a period of time
  • Violating company social media policies
  • Coming to work drunk
  • Coming to work high
  • Falsifying documents
  • Bringing drugs or alcohol to work
  • Frequently calling in “sick” especially on Monday and Friday
  • Theft of money or property
  • Personal use of company resources in knowing violation of policies
  • Lying on the job application

So see, she may have one or more very valid reasons to dig in that baby daddy’s butt, especially if this job loss stuff is a pattern with him. youre-firedYou know those guys that get a job, keep it a few weeks or months, then act stupid and get fired or quit because they don’t get their “respect?” Yeah, them.

But none of that matters because children gotta eat. Every single day. No matter how much of a #*@& up he is or how many jobs he loses, he needs to hustle and get that money to his children.

Personally, I applaud her creative way of making him step up for his babies.  Good parenting, Mom!

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