Overview of The 14 Major Love Styles

Your love style was developed very early in life, and was influenced by a multitude of negative and positive experiences. Without exception, no two styles of loving are exactly alike. While genuine love can only be demonstrated in behavior, there are many different ways of showing love.

Overview of the 14 Major Love Styles

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Romantic Love Style: They believe in love at first sight, and that if love is true, it will overcome every obstacle. A romantic’s love relationships are based on very little factual information, and usually end with shocking surprises and disappointments. Romance enriches life, and the romantics of the world have created great literature, monumental works of art, and spark a constant rediscovery of life and love.

Dependent Love Style: Dependent lovers make their partners the center of the universe. Dependents are very jealous and have an insatiable need for constant attention, reassurance and affection. Typically this style will assume a passive role and allow the partner to decide where they should live, friends, etc. Yet they are consistently caring and supportive of the people they love.

God-Centered Love Style: These lovers place God above everything else. A partner must have a personal connection with God to be an acceptable mate. Principles related to health, communication, sex, divorce, parenting and gender roles are lived according to the scriptures. Adherence to religious guidelines is mandatory. These lovers function best under traditional structures.

Best-Friends Love Style: Best friend styles prefer to relate to their partners as equals, enjoying mutual support, companionship, sharing secrets and laughter. They have usually known and interacted with each other for years before realizing they were in love. Their compatibility is easy and stressless. Their conflicts rarely involve infidelity; more often they are about outside friendships.

Practical Love Style: Practical lovers pride themselves on their ability to live comfortably on a small budget. They are very private people and tend to be disciplined, peaceful and well organized. They like partners who are self-sufficient and not overly needy. Mates are chosen by how they will affect their career and future security. These types often fail to communicate plans, thoughts and ideas to their partners.

Compromise Love Style: Compromise styles usually attempt to make the best out of life’s circumstances without protest. They go with the flow, and consider compatibility more of a mutual adjustment than a zodiac birthright. They’d rather have a dependable partner than a romantic or attractive one. They believe that romantic love is overrated, and that true love takes time to develop. They will often settle for partners that are not their equal.

Ideal Love Style: Ideal lovers could never love anyone they would not consider a suitable partner. They know exactly what they are looking for, and will wait for the one who meets most, if not all of their requirements. They base their partner selection on reality, instead of potential (which is much too unpredictable). They tend to be described as “stuck up” and have great difficulty with frustration and rejection. They will call it “quits” in a heartbeat.

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