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By October 8, 2011

What Do Women Really Want?

Her name was Julia and she was the prettiest girl I had ever seen in my life, up to that point. I was in Junior High School and she was one grade below me. I used to yearn for those 45 minute school lunch times so I could go out in the field or courts, hoping to spot this green-eyed beauty.

My mother had taught me that if I wanted a girl to like me that I had to be “nice, courteous, and a gentleman”. I was all those things towards Julia, so I was surprised when she said “no” when I asked her out. Little did I know back then that my mom was a little off track. I love my mother but when it came to knowing how to attract other women she was not an expert.

What do women really want? I mean, really, really want? I thought they wanted a man who was athletic, popular, strong, handsome and funny. Growing up I thought that women wanted men who were tall, rich, famous, or good-looking. While some women like those qualities in men that’s not what most women want. Are you ready for it? Are you ready to read what women really want?

Most women want to be swept off their feet. In other words, most women want to have a DEEP, emotional connection with a man. The good news for us men is that this is based mostly on emotion. This is why there are plenty of men on this planet who are not rich, tall, or good-looking, yet they are able to attract the woman of their dreams. How are they able to do this?

Instead of trying to conform to what I thought women really wanted I decided to make myself a better man. In part of that pursuit I decided that I wanted a woman who wanted to become part of my world instead of just the other way around and that has made all the difference in the world. I do not buy women I do not know drinks just for the privilege to talk to them. I no longer put them on a pedestal and I’m no longer that doormat that they used to walk on.

What do women really want? They want a man who has a purpose-driven life. They want a man who is confident, comfortable in his own skin, can see the lighter side of life, and a man who knows his own boundaries. If you are not with the woman of your dreams today then all that means is that you have some work cut out ahead of you.

If you want to create a deep emotional connection in other woman then you have got learn more self-improvement, positive-thinking, study pick up to improve your game, and you have to leave the house several times a week and force yourself to talk to women. Even if it’s just starting out to say “hi, my name is….” or “hey what did you think about……?”

Yes, it really is true that most women want to have an emotional connection with another person. The way to start that process going is to stop trying to convince women to like you, to stop trying to impress them, to stop chasing them if though they might be your last chance, and take a step back and start working on yourself first. Then you will become the type of man that can make an emotional connection with virtually any woman he meets.

First, they understand what women really want. They know that women want to have an emotional connection with someone. That someone has to be of “higher” status based on their own perception. I used to wrack my brains trying to figure out what do women really want and the whole time the answer was right in front of me. I made it all about the woman and I forgot to remember about that all important person: me.

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