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By May 6, 2010

Woman Wanted Not Needed

Woman Wanted, Not Needed
(c)2008 by Spike

I will not complete you
But I will love you,
I will not need you
But I will want you

I will see and hear you
I will not ignore you,
I will place your feeling equal to my own
I will not smother you.

Helping each other grow would be our greatest joy
Putting each other down is a no go,
Seeing you cried tears of joy would delight me
Seeing you cried tears of pain would hurt me.

I am not perfect nor are you
We are who we are,
I will not even try to change you
I accept you for who you are.

Love comes and goes
What is left we build on,
Love is full of surprises
True love survives through the years

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