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By March 20, 2012

Better communication and more romance please!

Dear Ms. HeartBeat:
I wrote to you very recently. My letter signature was “Shouldn’t One be Enough?” My situation was that I have a wonderful boyfriend but I found myself craving the attention of another man.

Well, taking your advice and wisdom to heart, I talked to my boyfriend. Although I did not tell him about this other person (with whom I have broken all contact with), I did express to him that I loved getting emails from him, surprise phone calls at work, etc. (hint hint!!). Come to find out, all this time he thought he would be overbearing and smothering by doing these things!

For the past few days, I have been completely and totally fulfilled and not once have I missed this “other” person. I want to extend to you my heartfelt thanks. You have a wonderful web page and I look forward to reading your advice every day.

Thank You!

Dear Thank You!:
YOU GO GIRLL!!! Communication is the key to success, cause nobody is a mind reader around here!  I’m so happy that you opened up and let the man know it was all right to love you. I’m sure he is more happy and fulfilled as well. Now that he knows it’s safe to put aside his MACHO MAN shield and that you welcome his displays of tenderness and caring, he can open his heart and let all his love out.

I love getting letters like this.

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