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By November 4, 2011

How Do You End a Bad Date?


Dear Ms. HeartBeat:
Let’s say you’re on a date and things aren’t going well. You know early on it isn’t going to get any better. What is a polite and non-awkward way to end the date without coming across as rude or arrogant?


Always Wanted to Know

Dear Always:
Every time you go out on a date with a new guy, you pre-arrange for a friend call you halfway through at a set time. If things are going well you tell her that you’ll call her back tomorrow because you’re on a date with Roger. That’s the clue that things are all right and you’re going to stay on the date.

If you’re ready to jet out of there, when your friend calls you go into your Academy Award-winning performance!

Stand up, look aghast, horrified and scared all at the same time. Then you say “OH NO! OH MY GOD! When did this happen? Is everyone all right? Which hospital? Okay, okay. I’m on my way right now!” Then you apologize profusely and say its a terrible emergency and there’s been an accident. You provide no details. If you are good you should be able to shed a few tears right about now. You thank him while putting on your coat, then you get in your car and leave.

He will be a gentleman and call to see how you are and what happened either later that evening or the next day. Tell him you don’t want to talk about it and that its not a good time for you to date right now with all this going on and your friends/family whoever need your support. Then you hang up and breathe a sigh of relief.

Or you could just tell him that you don’t see a future here but it was nice to meet him and you wish him the best.

However, I prefer the first one. Much more exciting!

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