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By June 20, 2014

If All the Water Were Removed From the Sea, it Still Wouldn’t Be as Salty as Y’all Are

Unless you’ve been living underground or in a cave, you’ve seen the mugshot of one Jeremy Meeks spreading like wildfire through the web. With a cocky tilt of his head and a moody expression on his face, the full lipped, blue eyed, tatted up felon has captured the attention of women across the world.

His picture first appeared on the website of the Stockton, California police department when he and several friends were arrested earlier this week for possession of drugs and weapons, and parole violations. Though none of the men are really bad-looking, Mr. Meeks’ picture stands out.

Yes, I noted the tattoos representing a previous life where he was involved with the Crypts. However, as a former photographer, I’m seeing something else entirely. I’m seeing how the light emphasizes his bone structure. I’m looking at his strong jawline, high cheekbones, long neck, perfectly evenly positioned eyebrows, and the piercing gaze of his startling blue eyes juxtaposed against light brown skin typical of someone biracial.

The man’s looks are positively stunning. Had he chosen to, Mr. Meeks could have graced the cover of any high fashion magazine and made a mint.

Jeremy Weeks and friends arrested in StocktonWhat can I say – the man is hot and highly photogenic. Ladies around the globe recognize that and respond to his magnetic sexual attraction. He’s handsome, sexy, and has the “bad boy” edge that makes women swoon. The pose he adopted for his mug shot is a classic male model brooding masculine facial expression. His sexiness is so remarkable that one woman said “I wouldn’t kick him out of bed and I’m a lesbian!”

That’s how hot dude is in his mug shot, seen at right.

But all over the web men of all races and ages are straight hating on Jeremy Meeks. You know, them corny, not cute, Winne the Pooh looking, too scrawny, too short, weird and awkward with no conversation dudes that work hard to get women’s attention but fail. Miserably.

They are seriously throwing shade at Jeremy Meeks, and salty as all hell.

Not only are they making anti-Jeremy memes, they’re making post after post to express their rage at him being deemed more desirable by women than they are. Here are some examples of the haterism, culled from all over the web of men all up in their feelings over this guy:

  • Tony C., Big lips, wide nose, small chin. I fail to see what some woman are attracted to.
  • Kevin W. Child molester that’s all, n y’all chicks want him. Would actually bring him to your home around your kids….. That’s fucked up!
  • Arlen L. This only proves that there are a lot of thirsty wh*res throughout the county.
  • Amos R. I can have any nana I want but don’t want none from dumb a$$ women who entertaining a criminal a$$ ni**a.. y’all say all that until he show up to your house robbing your a$$.
  • Nick Ha. He literally looks like a walking pen*s.salty dudes make memes about Jeremy Weeks
  • Shahz K. How do you pay this much attention to a criminal and don’t think twice about a veteran???? WTF…
  • T.J. L. Hot….. not even….. yuck he is gross, seriously are people blind or something
  • George R. House ni**a trying to be tough! Prison b**ch now
  • Daniel Z All these thirsty a$$ hoes
  • Tony H. Tattoos to the neck, tear drop tattoo……Hahaha pretty boy trying to b a bad boy………….don’t drop the soap wanker.
  • Latroy D. a lot of women probably will send him fan mail. If he was a darkskinned ni**a they will be like he deserve to die
  • Manny S. He was charged with possession of thirsty b**ches in the 1st degree lol
  • Hatten J. All the girls want him. All the inmates will have him.
  • Myke C. All the females that are defending him I bet are single mothers, a side chick, or a 4th baby momma…y’all just don’t learn huh? Keep on ignoring them red flags…you’ll get tired one day
  • Martin M. Then women begin to wonder where they went wrong when they’re on the ground being beaten, or left pregnant. Lol
  • Brett J. Ho’s love being single mothers with pretty babies lmao
  • Rashad D. And This is why women can’t leave a man that beats them because they’re worried about looks lmao
  • Myke C. Did this #+%¢* just say she need her one of them? Lol! Females love em one of them till he beat them, knock em up, and leave em just to be another baby momma on government a$$istance. Then be all up on Facebook talking shit on fathers day how they do everything on their own with no help…You did that to yourself! Women love getting dogged out, real talk. Treat a female nice and she’ll leave you alone. Dog the f**k outta her and she’ll love you forever!
  • Jamaal S. That ni**a daddy was a red nose pit bull
  • Kin H. Just goes to show u how naive this generation of women are… Very good example of women thinking with their cunt lol
  • Jason W. Still trying to figure out why so many dudes on here talking so greasy. Talking bout thirsty…did y’all fellas have your chick stolen by a criminal or something? If it was a fine woman’s mugshot I’d be like “Damn she nice” too, but that don’t mean I’m ready to wife a hoodrat just cuz she a dime. Just recognizing an attractive person, regardless of their situation, doesn’t mean that you’d throw all caution to the wind and boo up an inmate.
  • Kla$$ic R. Hoes love ni**as in Jail… I can’t believe how many of you want him
  • Dan A. Hahaha women… fall for any dude w tattoos and blue eyes. GTFOH. Yea u like the way he looks but too bad hes stuck behind bars! Find a real man ladies. Learn to look for a real man with real goals and aspirations don’t go lookin for a good looking man who cant stay out of trouble.
  • Julian H. It all boils down to the fact that women think they can change men. This dude is in lockup for some crime obviously. Women see him as a project. If he was a jailbird when you met him, he’ll be one when you get smart enough to leave him. And to the women who are asking if men are mad, or since when has recognizing beauty considered thirst, it’s been like that since the beginning of time. Ladies have to respect the curve just like dudes do And to the women who are asking if men are mad, or since when has recognizing beauty considered thirst, it’s been like that since the beginning of time. Ladies have to respect the curve just like on the regular. Also, we know nothing about ol’ boy in the photo. He could be gay. Half of the women in here are flipping out for a dude that could be playing for the other team. I find that hilarious!
  • David S. You ladies need a drink? You damn s**ts look thirsty!!!!
  • Serg F. He just finish punching his wife in the face… lol
  • Brandon W. He’s gonna make some ni**a in jail happy.

I noticed several consistent patterns about these jealous, angry male posts:

  1. Notice how many note “all the girls want him.” These guys are so jealous they have to come up with imaginary crimes to condemn Mr. Meeks about in order to make themselves feel superior. The man says he has done many things he’s not proud of is in his life, but he has turned his life around and left that mess behind. They know nothing about this man or his personal relationships with women, but they have condemned him as a child molester, a wife beater, and a thief just to try to make a point.
  2. These salty dudes cannot stand that women find Jeremy Meeks attractive. So they attack him – his skin color, his character, his lips, his body build, his status as a father, his nose – everything they can think of. Not understanding it makes them sound like 8 year old third graders making up stuff to talk about.
  3. Then to finish trying to make themselves feel better, they attack the women who find this guy attractive by calling them whores, sl*ts, desperate and thirsty.

Now, let’s talk about that.

First of all, because someone sees a beautiful thing does NOT mean they want to take it home, and it certainly doesn’t mean they want to marry it. Men objectify women constantly both online and off, but when we do it, they have a problem? Men give themselves permission to admire ratchet women they know they would never “wife up” but they sure will screw her, then turn around and call the woman a “dumpster” or “THOT”.haters post memes about Jeremy Meeks

Really, men should understand what’s going on here very well, as they are the group who most often dismisses a woman as not being “wife material” due to previous sex partners, number of children, or even her figure. But women are not allowed to admire one handsome man who just happens to have a criminal history without being accused of liking criminals (plural) across the board?

The logic used to arrive at this conclusion has some serious holes in it.

Secondly, as one female poster pointed out: “I think it’s ironic that we’re considered “thirsty” for noticing a fine man in the media, but a dude gawking over a female with no clothes on on Instagram is what? Normal circumstance?”

Gotta admit she has a point. Why is it okay for men to go around clicking THUMBS UP and LIKING posts and images of half naked women they don’t know, broads twerking on walls, on cars, on street corners, etc. – women they will never meet and will never date? But if women do the exact same thing, it’s a problem and we have to be thirsty, desperate, no count bitches and wh*res who want to be beaten and our stuff stolen?

One guy says “well when WE do it, we’re not clicking a LIKE on a felon!” Hey genius, let me explain something to you. You’re not clicking a LIKE on her mug shot, certainly; but that does not mean that she has no criminal history. The broad you’re admiring so hard could have just been released from doing a 10 year stretch. You don’t know! All you know is you like her tits. (Of course since most men think with their nether regions, the possibility that they are attracted to a criminal never crosses their mind.)

Bottom line, Jeremy Meeks was arrested and is innocent until PROVEN guilty in a court of law. We don’t know if any of the charges will stick, or how things will ultimately pan out for him. What we DO know is:

  1. He was a gang member but left that life behind almost a decade ago.
  2. He is now a married father with another baby on the way, a steady job who goes to church with his family, mom and sister as he tries to stay on the right path.
  3. He denies having done anything wrong besides have a gun for his protection, which under the atmosphere of this country, he is certainly entitled to have. When white men walk into fast food restaurants where children are carring assault rifles, or have a stand off with Federal agents for weeks, or kill a black male for carrying a candy bar nothing happens to them – but a young biracial man has one gun in his TRUNK and he has to go to prison for it?

The male response to the attraction women have to Meeks is astonishing. They are showing themselves to be haters – jealous, insecure, angry little dweebs that can’t get the women they want, so they’re pissed.

All the corny a$$ white dudes are angry that white women wanna give him some because he’s half black and they feel superior to black men but can’t pull the ladies like he can so they’re livid. They are really afraid that the saying “once you go black you never go back” is true.

How I saw Mr. Weeks as a strong male model

Exactly how I envisioned him

The dark skinned black men are angry because Meeks is light-skinned with light eyes. Amongst dark-skinned African Americans, references to slavery such as field hand and house nigga are associated with biracial unions and preferential treatment given to those with skin tones closer to white than to their African side. So these brown-skinned males perceive Mr. Meeks to be better looking and more privileged than they. They hate that.

Then we have the brown skinned and light skinned dudes. Some of them may actually be decent looking and used to getting women’s attention, but they’re still jealous of Meeks. Mostly though they’re corny as hell – soft and round, socially awkward misogynists. These black dudes are pissed because even though Meeks has a criminal past, he can STILL get more pu$$y without even trying than they can with their degrees and 401Ks and American Express Platinum Cards.

Because for men, everything is about sex with women (unless they are not hetereo of course). Everything they do, say, think, want, buy, and care about concerns women. In the male pecking order, every man who can pull lots of women has higher status amongst men than those who cannot. So when a man sees that a guy he considers to be at the bottom of the totem pole with regards to education, opportunities, income, and toys can pull more hot women than he can, he feels like shyt — shyt on a stick to be precise.

Jeremy Meeks is a good-looking young guy of African American descent, another man of color caught up in the criminal justice system and locked up in a cell. But he can still pull the positive attention and sexual interest of more women than 75% of the men walking around free.

And these salty dudes can’t STAND it.


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