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By May 22, 2013

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT #1531 – Lying Men Need to Shut Their Pie Holes


Black men are forever talking about the state of black male/female relationships and blaming the entire disaster on women. Their usual blame shifting comments is “well, you should have picked better!” Women say we would pick better if you all didn’t perpetrate so many frauds, play so many games, and pretend to be something you are woman sad on bed

Guys don’t want to hear that though.

However, I have arrived at what I think is a great way to turn things around. How about we limit the men that can say “you should have picked better” to a select group?

This would mean that from this day forward, the only men with a right to talk about women’s “wrongdoing” and “picking poorly” is the man who has NEVER, NOT ONE TIME IN HIS LIFE done the following:

(1) lied to a woman about anything

(2) pretended to love her to get sex… you knew you weren’t REALLY interested, you just played her for some butt

(3) got a woman pregnant and refused to marry her, so she ended up being a “baby momma”. Then you (3a) refused to provide financial support for the child you made; and/or (3b) failed to provide emotional support or guidance for the child you made; and/or (3c) ran off and made more children with other women and aren’t married to any of them

(4) called up a woman you knew liked you, manipulating her by getting her hopes up, spending time with her just because you had nothing else to do. However, you had and never will have a real interest in her

(5) tried to get away with going over to a woman’s house (or asking her to come over to yours), and calling that a date instead of taking her out

(6) cheated on your girlfriend or wife in any form or fashion

(7) flirted with a woman on the web or in person or on the street when you had a woman believing you two were exclusive and your relationship was meaningful

(8) asked a woman out on a date and tried to get her to pay half … or worst yet, pay for you too!

(9) put your hands on a woman and physically injured her

(10) borrowed money from a woman and never paid it back

(11) intentionally said something threatening, cruel, or hurtful to a woman that scared her, damaged her self esteem and/or made her cry

(12) not had your own car, your own crib, your own credit, or your own money at any time while of dating age

(13) asked, cajoled, whined or gamed your way into a sexual act without proper protection from pregnancy or disease

(14) told a woman that you would be there for her but when it came time to be that man, you faked and left her hanging.

(15) called any woman a bitch, ‘ho, slut or any derogatory gender slur, or uttered any other put down of femininity.

Now if any of you guys can truthfully say that you have NEVER, NOT ONE TIME IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE done any of the 15 items on the list above in your entire life, then you can talk!

Other than that, you are part of the problem. You are the reason black women have broken hearts, hurt feelings and emotional black-woman-rejecting-man-378x414baggage. You are the reason black women don’t trust black men, don’t respect black men, and don’t want black men around them any more.

You did that. It’s all your fault black male/female relationships and the black community are all messed up.

And if you did anything on this list to one woman (more likely you did it to 10 plus), you are one of the poor picks you rage on and on about.

So you need to shut your pie hole about women “picking better men” because you yourself are one of the trifling, ratchet, no good, dog type of dudes all black women need to avoid.

That is all.

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