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By January 20, 2012

My boyfriend pouts when he doesn’t get his way

Dear Ms. HeartBeat:
My boyfriend is a grown man with children of his own. He is a divorced firefighter, 46 years old and a serious pouter! If I tell him something he doesn’t want to hear or if something occurs in my life that I must make a priority over him, he immediately sulks like a two year old. It is the most frustrating and unappealing characteristic anyone can have. We’ve been together for nine months, and although he admits he is this way and says he will try to change, the behavior continues. His pouting is turning me off so much I want out. Is there anything I can do to help him change before it’s too late? Because I refuse to be with a 46 year old man child. Thanks!

Tired of His Lip

Dear Tired:
The mistake women make is wasting time trying to figure out how to convince, coerce, beg, explain or whine a man into changing himself. Women love projects and dream that they have the power to change an adult male  into the man they want him to be, instead of accepting that he is the man he wants to be. Men never change unless they want to.

What that means is the person that needs to change is YOU.

YOU have to decide if you are going to change your expectation that you want a man that is mature and views his relationship with you as a working partnership or not.

YOU have to decide if you are going to continue dating and spending months of your life catering to a temper tantrum throwing 46 year old toddler.

YOU have to decide if you care enough to listen to his whining month after month, possibly year after year.

YOU have to decide if the pros of dating him outweigh the cons. If not, the next time his sulking starts, grab your bag and keys and head for the door, telling him “when you finally grow up, call me!”

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