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By April 20, 2013

Public Service Announcement #1512


Millions of women feel it is their duty to build up a man (or men in general), by putting themselves down. A woman will downplay her accomplishments, pretend to be stupid or incompetent, or dismiss herself as being less than a man.

To you I say this:

Just as the sun, moon and the stars shine brightly, you must let your light shine as well. You must NEVER dull your brightness and the light that emanates from your spirit to make a man’s light seem brighter.

Instead, align yourself with a man of confidence who encourages you, just as the moon does the sun, to rise and shine… just as the moon does the stars, to light up the darkness… just as the sun does us all by filling us with warmth and energy.

Each of us shines in our own way and in each partnership we must allow our beloved to shine in their own time. You as a woman have every right to take your place in the sun, and sparkle like the star you are in the moonlight!

That is all.

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