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By November 1, 2011

Sexually harassed at work but no one is doing anything!

Dear Ms. HeartBeat:
Okay, so at work a guy tried to grab my ass. I didn’t report it until a week later because I didn’t think I would have to deal with him again. Then they decided to downsize the company and send me over to work with him. Now they are saying I have the choice whether to fire him or not because of this. He didn’t actually touch me because I dodged his hand, but he tried. I didn’t want him fired, I just don’t want him bothering me. So why are they giving me the decision. Shouldn’t it be their decision, not mine?

Feeling the Pressure

Ms. HeartBeat Responds:
Tell them you are not in management or human resources, and the performance of an employee, nor the terms of his or her continued employment is not your decision nor your responsibility. Tell them that whatever policy they have in place with regards to sexual harassment should be the guideline upon which this decision is made.

You are to give them this statement in writing. Sign and date it. Include a brief synopsis of the sexual harassment as reported, including the date it happened, the parties involved, who you told about it, what they said to you about it, etc.

You need to document this occurrence and your management’s handling of it in the event this guy does this to other women and they do nothing, OR in the event there are any repercussions towards you for reporting him. Both are violations of the law and make your company and its managers responsible for breaking the law. You could possibly need this document to protect yourself later if they try to mess with your job, or he tries to touch you again. Learn to cover your butt when you are involved with shady people in touch situations such as this.

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