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By May 10, 2012

Useless Ultimatums and Empty Threats

I cannot stand it when people threaten what they gonna do if you don’t do X, or what they will do if you do Y, and how you better stop being XYZ or else. Women are especially guilty of that mess, running off at the mouth and telling men what they GONNA do.

Stop talking about it and be about it! Even at three I knew that you don’t talk about what you GONNA DO, you just do it! Let me tell you a funny story.

I’d been acting up all day and my aunt was steadily threatening that she was gonna spank my little butt if I didn’t stop. Of course I didn’t stop (that’s just how I do things). The story goes that sometime in the early evening I stopped acting up long enough to tell her “well why don’t you do it then? I’m tired of you talking about it!” So she gave me my wish.

However, I am still like that to this day. STOP TALKING AND DO! No need to threaten people with what you gonna do and show your hand. Don’t you ladies play poker? Don’t you know how to keep a poker face and not let a man know WTF you will do or say if he does XYZ? Haven’t you read THE ART OF WAR?

Soon as you open your mouth and start threatening, your man knows how to manipulate you. And you gave him the ammo and your battle plan! So he is going to push and push just to see (like I did at 3) if you are truly a woman of your word or if you all talk.

Most women are all talk cause as soon as their dude does XYZ, they forgive him and say ‘well okay, just don’t do it again!’ Of course he does it again, because now he knows that you don’t mean shit that you say. All you do is run your mouth.

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