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By January 21, 2012

What Are the Best Android and IPhone Apps for Singles

Dear Ms. HeartBeat:
What do you think are some of the best Android or IPhone apps for singles looking for love or just to make their life easier? From what I’ve read you seem to be sort of a techno-geek like me, so I thought I’d ask your opinion. Thank you!

Geek from Illinois

Dear Illinois Geek:
Yes, I am very much into geeky things like apps, software, and technology. I LOVE that stuff and always have been what is called an “early adopter.” Of course the cost of some of the latest things like Ipads and whatnot has kept me from adopting as much as I’d like, but I still keep up with the technological advances and tools available.

First, let’s start with general apps. I have an Android and an Iphone, and switch back and forth between them. Some of these apps are available for Android only, some for Iphone only, and some for both. Most of the developers realize the best opportunities for exposure and profit occur when your app is multi-platform, so even if an app is not available for both now, check it again in a few months.

My #1 favorite app is VOICE PHONE. This handy little Android application reads the caller ID and texts you receive aloud, so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road if someone sends you a text while you’re driving. It’s great even when you are working or cooking because you hear the text and know if what the person is texting you is urgent or not. Prevents you from having to interrupt what you are doing to check your phone, then getting disgusted that its something stupid like “hey, what’s up?”The app can be turned off by shaking the phone. Now for a warning. If you are single and date more than one person, I suggest you turn the app OFF before you go on a date or spend the night over. You want to avoid having a romantic evening with Person #2 ruined when Person #1 sends a text that the little computer voice reads off: “I can still smell you on my sheets from last night!” Can we say awkward?

I like VLINGO VIRTUAL ASSISTANT too. This app allows you command your phone by voice. I can say “text Mom On My Way!” and it sends my mom a text that says just that. I can say “Call Sharon Jones mobile” and it thinks for a second then her right up! Same for local businesses “Joe’s Crab Shack” (even if its not in your directory), though it may give you a viewable screen full of options. Still, you just have to pick one from the list and it dials it right up!  Note, I have not tried it with a Bluetooth headset because I refuse to look like 7 of 9.

I also like ENDOMONDO SPORTS TRACKER for my workouts and fitness. This is an excellent APP that tracks mileage, steps, route and allows you to compete in challenges with other uses of the site. A little computer voice gives you audio feedback “One Mile” as you go along on your walk or jog. You can see average speed even by section. GPS tracks your route. Incorporates music as well. I have to say this is one of the most fun and interesting apps I’ve run across.

I play online poker and use LIVE HOLDEN PRO. Register for free or use your FaceBook account. You play on your Android phone against people all over the world. It’s great when I’m stuck places and have nothing else to do.

DROPBOX is another favorite. This very handy Androi app transfers documents, photos, and videos from your phone to your computer or vice versa or even to other DROPBOX users without having to send via email or hook up anything to your computer. Love it and use it daily.

Now for the apps that are beneficial for singles.

SPEED DATE: REAL DATES IN REAL TIME – This IPhone app was voted as one of the best apps for Iphones in 2011 by About.Com. It sounds great. The description says “chat instantly with people near you right from the palm of your hand! Now you can unlock special rewards just for using the app. Play the newest version and increase your opportunity for more real-time interactions with real people!” Choose to interact with some of the more than 17 million diverse members worldwide, or use the new location-based filters to only meet local singles.  Free and pro versions offered.

MEET MOI.  A small start up (as are most app companies these days). If you are looking for a huge database to browse through, you will be disappointed. This is not or Plenty of Fish! MeetMoi is growing, but the select group of registrants means less wasted time. Remember, quantity is not always quality. The company’s stated goal is to “strip down dating to what’s essential — the introduction.” This Android app shows you nearby singles who meet your dating criteria, MeetMoi hopes to lead you to a real-life connection. Once you’ve joined, the company’s technology updates your location in real time, helping to introduce you to great people nearby. If you like what you see on that person’s profile, choose to connect with them immediately.

CHARM HIM.  This Iphones app says they will give you the dating advice you need to attract the man of your dreams and keep him. There is a CHARM HER app as well for the fellas.

Those are Ms. HeartBeat’s recommendations for some of the most trendy new apps for making a singles connection, and improving productivity on your Iphone or Android SmartPhone. If you have suggestions for this list, drop me a line.

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