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By November 13, 2012

Why Women End Up with Men that Are Dogs


I am in the middle of writing a piece which explains in great detail how men are all alike, even though they think they are different and women need to believe that fantasy as well.

It was interesting because I caught a lot of flack from guys that insisted they are different, and that its women’s fault for not picking them, the Mysterious Good Man. I say that most men are not good, special or unique even though they imagine themselves to be. And the few that meet women’s standards of “good men” are eclipsed by the vast numbers of useless types that all think and act the same when it comes to women and relationships.

In that respect, men are just like eggs.

Let’s use this analogy to illustrate my point:

You go into a store to buy eggs, and you really need to get eggs for a recipe you are in the middle of making or because you have a super taste for eggs. There is one store in your neighborhood and you don’t have a car. So you’re looking at the eggs and you see all of them expire the next day except one package. Yay!

As you reach for the one package of eggs that are still fresh, four other women leap for the same dozen eggs. They walk off clutching the dozen eggs and decide to divide it amongst themselves. In their haste to grab the eggs, they didn’t look past the expiration date to notice that several of the eggs are cracked and broken.

You however, have no interest in sharing your eggs, so you go back to looking through the cartons searching for one that is still fresh. However, all you see are dozens and dozens of cartons stamped with the same expiration date.

That means the eggs are all the same. The eggs are all half-rotten. The eggs are not going to be the best eggs, but they are the only eggs available which means you don’t have many options available. You believe you really need some eggs, or you at least want some eggs.

What do you do? Women have two choices.

You either decide you want only fresh eggs so you don’t purchase the half-rotten eggs and decide to do without eggs period as you leave the store.


You shrug and buy a package of the half-rotten eggs anyway, hoping that it “won’t be so bad” and that you can deal with whatever comes from the half-rotten eggs you are about to eat.

That is EXACTLY what happens with men.

Women either take the half-rotten eggs that most of you are and try to deal with it the best they can, or women decide they don’t want half-rotten eggs so they go on back home alone.

Since the majority of men are like the half-rotten eggs and women know that, most women are going to take the half-rotten eggs home and try to deal with it. They choose that option because they are afraid of being alone and don’t want to be single, or think they can work with him (since he is at least an egg though he may not be the best or freshest egg).

These women believe they can disguise the taste and smell of the half-rotten egg and whip that egg up into something delicious and palatable. In other words, they believe that they have the ability to make a half-rotten man a better man because he has POTENTIAL!

Yeah, eggs do have the potential to be hatched into chickens when they are first laid, but not if they are already old and half-rotten – a man in his 20s or 30s. That egg has the potential to be nothing greater than a more rotten egg. No matter how you try to disguise the decay ladies, the bottom line is that you have chosen to purchase, bring home and eat a dish made with half-rotten eggs.

This is exactly how and why women end up with men that ultimately dog them out.

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