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By October 12, 2011

How can a woman just drop her baby off at a firestation?

Dear Ms. HeartBeat:
There’s a law in New York and New Jersey saying that if a woman feels that she cannot take care of her newborn baby, she can drop her newborn baby off @ any hospital, firehouse or police dept…with NO questions asked. Just like that…the baby would be out of her hands. No forms to fill out…no explanation…nothing. How do you feel about that?

Ms. HeartBeat Responds:
Similar law are in effect in dozens of States nationwide and have been in effect at this point for a decade or more. Called “Safe Surrender” or “Safe Haven” and using slogans like “No Name, No Blame, No Shame” these laws have enabled teen mothers all over the country to drop off newborn babies they don’t want at hospitals, police stations or fire stations with no questions asked. I think the law is an excellent one.

I noticed that you put all the blame for this child on the woman, which is typical behavior of MEN. You think she made that baby all by herself? Where is Papa? Why didn’t HE step up to the plate and step in to take care of his child? Did you ever stop to consider that?

Thirdly, many women are in allegedly loving relationships when they get pregnant and the men claim they want a child. But when the men they are with realize the level of commitment and responsibility required to parent a child, they jump ship and leave the woman to handle things on her own. Knowing she can’t handle it, she gives the baby up.

Fourth, many couples cannot have a child. Newborn babies NEVER stay in foster care, especially Caucasian infants. Check nationwide adoption stats for that! Everyone wants a new baby, and most White couples seeking to adopt want a child that looks like them. Giving the baby to a trained medical professional for further handling ensures the child’s health and safety. It’s better than the inexperienced and unprepared mother leaving it in a garbage dumpster, don’t you think?

And last, some women would rather have a baby than get an abortion. I am not one of them, but I do accept the fact that women have that right. If a woman is not prepared to be a mother for the rest of her life, giving the child away is the smart and unselfish thing to do.

So don’t sit in judgment, condemning women that make this unselfish choice for the betterment of their child. After all, if they kept the kid, would you write a check every month to help support it?

Yeah, I didn’t think so.

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