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By February 15, 2013

Measuring Manhood – Blue Chip vs. Penny Stock Men

I was recently discussing the reasons that African American women should have higher standards and firm boundaries for men. I am of the belief that there are too many black women settling for what I call “Penny Stock” men when they should be holding out for “Blue Chip Stock” types of guys. penny stock vs blue chip stocks

Those unfamiliar with the stock market were a bit lost by the terminology, because several women asked me “what makes a man ‘Blue Chip Stock’ and worthy as a mate?”

First of all, you must understand that wealth, fancy degrees or titles, property ownership, cars, bling, or the latest clothes do NOT make the man Blue Chip.

It’s in his behavior, his attitude, and how he conducts himself around people. It’s measured by how he talks to, talks about and treats women and children. It’s about how honest and true he is even when facing temptation. Does he strive to always honor his commitments and obligations and responsibilities?

Is he a man of his word that can be counted on? Do his words match his actions? Is he loyal to friends and family? Do you feel confident that he will always have your back? Are your dreams as important to him as his own? Does he take pride in your achievements and success?

Does he conduct himself like a gentleman at all times, no matter who he is around? Is this man fair and equitable to his employees or subordinates? Is he kind and respectful, even to lowly bums on the street and waiters/waitresses – people he believes are beneath him?

Does he have standards for his own behavior and for those he calls his friends? Does he hang around with trifling scallywags and make excuses for them, or does he ex them types from his life because he doesn’t want liars, cheats and gamers around his woman and children?
men are like stocks - blue chip and good for long term investments, or high risk penny stocks

Does he read books and newspapers to continually educate and improve himself? Does he have strong moral fiber – standing up for what’s right and do what he can to fix what’s wrong.. or does he sit around with his hands in his pockets complaining? In other words, does he care about his community and the big picture of black America?

Is he a good listener who strives to understand your point of view so that he can meet your needs if at all possible? Does he have the courage to love without fear or reservation? Does he laugh often, even at himself? Is your happiness and sense of security important to him?

When you think of him, do you smile?

THOSE are all the qualities that make a man Blue Chip. And yes, he needs to have ALL of them… every single one.

If you find a Blue Chip man wandering around single, you better grab him. He is worth his weight in gold and will do nothing but appreciate in value over time..


Deborrah Cooper
Dating Expert/Advice Columnist

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