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By June 18, 2014

Who Said its the Black Woman’s Responsibility to Uplift the Black Man?

Why do Black women believe it is their responsibility to “uplift” the Black man? I’m confused. Black Superwoman

How is it that on one hand Black men are referred to as Kings and believe themselves entitled to be in a leadership role in any relationship, household or family. Yet, on the other they complain that Black women need to do more “uplifting” and “help a Black man be successful” and “be a helpmeet” (whatever that botched up word means)? I don’t get it.

Are you front and center in the decisive, go getter role of leader, or are you going to sit there like a figurehead marionette waiting for a woman to come control the strings and make you LOOK like you are great? Why can’t you be great on your own, standing on your own two feet?

After all, Kings don’t need help from the peasants to be great Kings. They are just great. Generals lead and the troops follow because the General is great.

So why is it that so many Black women think they are obligated to “uplift” the Black man on a wide scale? And Black men expect this kind of sacrifice from the female gender? Especially when what Black women generally get back is negativity, condemnation, resistance, insults, taunts, disloyalty and emotional abandonment/pain?

I hope this doesn’t seem like I’m being mean, because I’m not. I’m just wondering about this behavioral and attitudinal discrepancy as expressed all over the web and on radio and television shows by Black men. I’m really trying to understand this confused mentality that so many Black women seem to have where they insist their lives be lived in service to making the world a better place for Black men no matter what the cost to their own dreams and soul…

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