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Private Relationship Advice Consultations Available

Get help with your relationship right now!

  • Depressed?

  • Can’t sleep?

  • Taking drugs or drinking to ease the pain?

  • Can’t function at work?

  • Strife and dysfunction at home?

  • Stressed?

  • Tearful?

  • Confused?

  • Indecisive?

You’ve probably tried to resolve the heartbreak, conflict or other pressing issues on your own and have thus far been unable to come up with answers or solutions.

You may be holding it all in, thinking that there is no one that you can turn to for help – no one to reach out to.

Ms. HeartBeat (Deborrah Cooper) receives dozens of requests per week for confidential, personal advice on dating, love and relationships, family dramas, co-workers, dating, sex, interracial marriage, online romance, adultery, marriage, divorce, and more.

How it Works

advice columnist and dating expert Deborrah Cooper

Deborrah Cooper

I offer personal advice in written (email), telephone or video chat format. For those with serious issues in their relationships, here is how I approach providing relationship advice.

When someone has a problem in their relationship and writes to me for help, I intentionally avoid labeling or attacking the other partner. Unless that partner is blatantly abusive, violent, or in some way threatening to the safety of the advice seeker or minor children in the home, then I’ll point that out and suggest an immediate escape to a safe locale and perhaps involvement of law enforcement.

Other than that, I focus strictly on the issue that is presented to me, and on all actions and attitudes that are within the control of the advice seeker. Not what someone else can do — what YOU can do to help yourself. I try to empower those that trust me to advise them by focusing strictly on THEIR feelings, THEIR goals, THEIR problem, THEIR solutions.

This method of addressing interpersonal relationship conflicts has worked great for the 20 years I’ve been in this business, so I see no reason to change anything. If you have a problem and need advice, please read the fee schedule and relationship advice question submission process below.

What You Get

Our Confidential Relationship Advice Consultation Service guarantees a detailed, fully confidential response delivered to your email address within 48 hours. This fee is non-refundable, but does include the original response to your question and one follow-up for additional clarification if needed.

This service is provided by an experienced dating and relationship expert and experienced life coach, but NOT a licensed mental health practitioner. You understand and agree that consulting with Ms. HeartBeat is not a replacement for marital counseling, personal psychotherapy, psychiatric treatment, or the advice of your physician.

If you prefer to get immediate assistance, Bulls Eye Dating Coaching consultations are available by phone or web cam through Google Hangout. We also offer real time interactive chat services if you prefer to remain more anonymous.

Important Notice

Should your problem be deemed to be outside the realm of our expertise, you will be referred to a psychologist, therapist or 1-800 help line for further assistance.

You must be over the age of eighteen (18) to utilize this service; you further agree to assume any and all responsibility for either acting upon or not acting upon the analysis, opinions and suggestions provided to you.

Get Help NOW!

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Click here to open up the Relationship Advice Request Form in a new browser window. After payment has been processed, submit your question on the submission form, and include your PayPal receipt number. Be sure to use the same email address on the form that you used for payment to help us process your response quickly.

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