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Editorial Guidelines

Interested in Submitting an Article, Essay
or Poem to AskHeartBeat.Com?


Your romantic poetry, thoughtful commentary or short essays on romance, love, marriage, being single, dating after divorce, or your thoughts on the wierdness of the opposite sex are always welcome.

We don’t offer cash compensation for your contributions, but we can provide you with worldwide exposure! Submit your writing via our Content Submission Form.

Your creativity is encouraged by bothering only with the minimal amount of legalese and rules. Check this out:

  • All articles or essays should be between 600-1000 words in length. Use the Word Count feature in your word processing program to pare things down if you tend to get chatty.
  • The topic of any submissions MUST have something to do with dating, loving or romantic relationships – African-American or interracial relationships with African-Americans in particular. This covers a very wide range! Male/female relationships; nosey in-laws that influence your relationship; mistakes you or others have made; why you feel certain issues around relationships are either overlooked or overstated; male/female communication styles; dating; divorce and separation, and even erotica! We hope you take advantage of our open-minded flexibility!
  • Editor and management of reserve the right to edit any and all submissions for clarity and/or brevity, and to publish same without your approval or review. Thoroughly proofread and spell-check your work before sending.
  • You as the author assign and its owners the right to publicly display and distribute electronically said submission(s), and to use same for promotional purposes for, and to maintain same in our archives with no limitation on duration.  
  • The work submitted will never be sold or used in any fashion other than for the enjoyment of our site visitors.
  • In spite of our broad flexibility, we do retain the final say-so about what goes up and if and when. We provide no guarantees or assurances of publication either promptly or ever! Editor reserves the right to reject without explanation any submission for any reason. (This probably doesn’t mean that your work wasn’t enjoyed, but most likely that we got so many great submissions, we couldn’t run even half of them!)
  • Please submit your work in plain text (not HTML) format by using our Content Submission Form. We’d appreciate you hunting up a graphic, drawing or photograph that you feel illustrates the theme of your writing, or demonstrates visually the feelings you are projecting.

Alternatively, a recent headshot photograph of you as the author is great! Please size your photo it to be no larger than 150 pixels wide, and a maximum of 10k in size. These images can be uploaded along with your copy by using our Content Submission Form

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