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By May 5, 2010

7 Steps to Getting Her Number

Here are some tips to lead up to how to get a woman’s phone number: 

1. Check your look. In other words, is your hair okay, is your fly up, etc. 

2. Approach her in a friendly, confident, non aggressive way. Make eye contact as you speak to her, don’t look down at the ground.

3. Make some light conversation or remark and see if she responds.

4. Ask her name, and in the very next thing you say to her, use her name in a sentence. This confirms to her that you are listening to her. This is very important and a great way to personalize your conversation.

5. A good conversation starter would be something like "how is your day going?" and when she responds, and asks about yours, you could say "great, but I would rather be _____" – fill in the blank with something you like to do – biking, going to a movie, whatever.

6. If she is interested in what it is that you would rather be doing, you could then ask "well, would you like to join me?" and if she responds "yes", then the next thing to do, obviously, is to ask her for her number so that you can call her.

7. So how to get a girl’s phone number if she does not offer you her phone number: Simple. Offer her your phone number, and then ask for hers.

Once you have tried these steps a few times, you will see how to get a girl’s phone number and you will have more confidence.

Keep a pen and a piece of paper handy in your pocket or be ready to jot her number down in your cell phone note pad. Once you have the coveted phone number, don’t lose track of it. Empty your pockets before you wash those pants! Don’t call her right away. Give it a week or so and then call.

If you call a girl right away, you may appear desperate. You want her to know you are interested, but calling too soon can give her the wrong impression.

Now you know the basics of how to get a girl’s phone number. 

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