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By July 9, 2012

Dating Tips: Make Your Online Dating Profile Stand Out

Deciding to make a profile on an online dating site is the sign of a brave person. It can be daunting to put an entire life down on one internet page, but it can be done. Here are a few smart tips for crafting a successful dating for women online dating single women internet dating

Stay positive and upbeat

This is something that many people miss when creating their dating profile. No one wants to read about what someone is not looking for, so do not start by listing what is not wanted. Save the rant against exes and the opposite sex for something else. An online profile should be positive and focus on the hope of meeting someone special. After all, everyone wants someone to enrich their life, and if a person’s profile seems negative, people will tend to avoid that person.

Make a profile someone would want to see

A person should think of the type of partner they want to attract. Then, they must appeal to their prospective dates with their profile. For example, a person who wants to attract serious, professional partners may opt not to put up multiple pictures taken in bars. Someone seeking an adventure partner should highlight their own sense of adventure.

One should state what they are looking for in a partner. It is important to keep the list of “requirements” brief; rattling off a list of requirements does not reflect well on anyone and can keep people away because they imagine that person to be high-maintenance. If looking for a friend and not a romantic partner, state that to avoid confusion.

Use pictures that reveal the inner self

Too much is made of sex appeal in today’s world. In many cases what one person considers “sexy”, someone else may find inappropriate and offensive. Instead of displaying oneself as sexy, it is smarter and more realistic to display pictures that show the real person inside. It is also a good idea to use pictures to give others a fuller idea of what kind of life you live.

Many men avoid using pictures in which they smile, but women love to see their man smile and expect he will smile at least some of the time. Using a smiling picture can be a great way for someone to set themselves apart.

Be honest and open

Anyone trying to make a real love connection through online dating should be honest. There is no reason to lie or to misrepresent oneself in their profile. People should answer profile questions honestly, without joking around or giving answers that do not reflect themselves. One should share interests briefly, without going too much into detail. Remember, the profile is online so a personality description does not require a long essay. A few bullet points will do the job.

A person should include a recent photograph of themselves taken within the past six months; do not deceive people with a picture only to appear at the date 30 pounds heavier with different colored hair!


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