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By August 20, 2013

Day 18 – 40 Days of Rain on DBR Black Men: Controlling Women via Birth Control Sabotage

DBR black men love to complain about the high rate of single parent homes in the black community. They love to blame their lack of leadership, weakness, general lack of anything manly and the state of the black community on single mothers. They wonder why so many black women have babies when they are not married. They wonder why teenage girls get pregnant while still in high school or their first year of college.

When DBR black men complain about black women being pregnant, having “all these babies” and not being married, they never consider the fact that their brethren FORCED the women to get that way. They never consider the fact that at least 60% of pregnancies occur against the woman’s will because her trusted husband or boyfriend is an abusive, controlling fucktard. Nope, they only see that she is pregnant and is raising a child without a husband.

Like she got that way all by herself.

Men forcing vibrant young women into pregnancy to control them is a very common problem in the black community, and one my own father warned me about when I was very young — too young to even be HAVING sex or even to like boys.

My Daddy told me: “these niggas will ALWAYS try to keep a young woman down… most of them are weak and want CONTROL more than anything. And one of the easiest ways to keep a woman down and control her is to get her pregnant, over and over again.”

Think about this message as you prepare to send your daughter off to college in a few months. Don’t be stupid and act like sex won’t be a part of their college experience! Arm them with information and knowledge about these types of nefarious guys so that they don’t end up being one of those young ladies that has to drop out of school because she’s pregnant.

Since you don’t believe in abortion and all, the best way to prevent your daughter from having her life derailed is to warn her about how it could happen. Tell her about the guys hanging around campus (many of them are NOT students), looking for a naive young victim to impregnate by perforating condoms with pins, or “stealthing” which means pulling off the condom she insisted they use for birth control when she isn’t looking.Teenage mother and baby

This is especially vital if your family is of means; daughters of professors, successful business owners, physicians, dentists, attorneys, etc. are top targets for these guys, because they think your daughter believes she is “too good” for them. They are angry about that fact, and want to bring her down a notch or two to their level by using their Johnson as a weapon.

By intentionally sabotaging your daughter’s birth control and getting her knocked up, the abusive controlling DBR guy knows four things:

(1) It’s less likely for her to leave him because she is pregnant with his baby;

(2) He can control her because she will feel awkward, unattractive, and her body will be different both during the pregnancy and afterwards. If he wants to sabotage her confidence and self esteem he’ll call her fat or big, say she’s not sexy, or cheat on her and know there is nothing she can do about it because she’s pregnant;

(3) her wings will be clipped because she’ll be saddled down with a baby, unable to go places and do things like she used to; and

(4) wherever she was headed the road for her will be that much longer and harder with a baby in tow. He loves this because his goal is to make her suffer. Though he is using her body to reproduce his bloodline, in reality he hates her. She is just a tool to be used for her reproductive capabilities.

This is real folks. DBR black men want to control young black women’s bodies, fertility and lives. It’s like they crave the power. They need to feel they control SOMETHING and have power over SOMEONE, so they choose young, rather naive women to run these games on. DBR black men are being assisted in these efforts by white men elected to public office around the nation. Since 2011, the GOP has spent more time focusing on women’s reproduction, female breasts, female birth control and female access to abortion than they have anything to do with better schools, lowering taxes, or creating jobs. Even in cases of rape they want to force women to breed babies that they don’t want to have.

Check these links for more information.

All parents must fight for their young daughter’s rights to control her own body and what comes out of it. Fight for your young daughter to control her future, her life and to decide when she’d like to have a family – or if she even wants children at all.

Pregnancy and childbirth should always be the WOMAN’S CHOICE, never that of a confused and desperate man whose top goal in life is to do all he can to ruin your daughter’s life and sabotage her future.

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