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By June 12, 2011

How do I approach girls and get a date?

How do I approach attactvie females I see in class or around at school and the mall and stuff? And just what is it that I am supposed to do on a date with a girl anyway?

I have several ideas.

The first order of business: you need to stop being so scared and do all you can to maintain a confident frame of mind. Arrest your thoughts of disaster, rejection, she won’t like me, she’ll think I’m stupid, I’m too fat, too short, too tall, too ugly, wear glasses, too broke, no car, no muscles, etc. Those mental tapes of doom and pain cause fear, and fear is the worst thing a man can have when it comes to getting with the woman of his choice.

Those males willing to take risks are the heroes of our world, the stars, the people that get what they want out of life – including the women they want. Those that timidly wait for the sure bet and guarantees usually end up with nothing, because there ARE no guarantees in life. Without the courage and willingness to risk one’s self, one never has a chance at love. Gotta step up to the plate and swing the bat before you can make a home run, get it?

You can start with your new approaching tactics by flirting and giving compliments.

Begin by smiling in a friendly way and looking at the girl in question with a quick glance and an appreciative smile. She will notice you looking at her. Another day when you see her, say “Hello Monica. That dress is tite, looks real good on you!” Or “you have such a great smile and those dimples are workin’!” Or “So you got an A on the math test, huh? Nothing better than a lady with a brain. Congratulations.”… stuff like that. Whatever it is you like about her, compliment her on those things.

Another memorable tactic is to pick up some cute and very inexpensive little gift like a pen with her favorite color of ink, or a cute little notepad for her locker. Total cost for this gift should be $2-3 tops. When you give it to her and she opens it, you say “now give me a little present if you don’t mind… your phone number.” Once you get her number you ask her out for a movie or to a party or to try something new and different that neither of you has ever tried before. Show her that you are exciting and daring and creative.You may as well know now that men that only know how to take a woman to dinner and a movie are the most boring men in the world, and women get tired of them very quickly.

You can increase your chances of her wanting to go out with you again by being fun for her to be around. Make her laugh, paying attention to her (walking her to class, eating lunch with her, etc.). A young man can NEVER go wrong if he behaves like a gentleman. That means if you go up to a girl you see on the beach or at the mall, you do NOT say anything about her body. You talk to her like a human being!

Treat a young woman like a lady even if she isn’t being one at that moment, because you don’t want HER behavior to reflect negatively on YOU. Present yourself as a respectable young man, someone that is worth being around. You never know… the girl you tried to talk to might not be interested, but perhaps the friend she is with was so impressed by your gentlemanly manner that she wants to go out with you. Or a teacher or another parent was so impressed with how you conducted yourself that they want to introduce you to their niece, granddaughter or daughter!

While involved in conversation, take a real interest in what she thinks and talks about; attentiveness is a wonderful trait to develop that will take you far both socially and professional. Women love men that open their minds and ears and really listen to them. She will find these things so attractive and irresistible that you will have the woman of your dreams in no time flat.

There are many ways to get a woman’s attention, but to hold it all you have to do is treat her like she is special and important to you. It works every time!

So start by smiling, and follow up with a simple hello. This and more techniques are outlined in the article “Making a Successful Singles Connection.” You can find it and many others listed in the articles section of the website.

The most important thing to remember guys is even though not every attempt at bat will garner you a home run, the fact that you got off the bench, stood at the plate, and made the hit puts you in the game! And that my young friends is the only way you are EVER going to become a winner – ya gotta be in the game.

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Submissions from readers on dating and relationships are posted on the site by one of several editorial staff members of AskHeartBeat.Com. To submit your poetry or essay on love, dating or relationships, please click here: Submit Your Writing

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