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By May 11, 2012

President Obama and the Gay Marriage Debate in Black America

Regarding Obama’s May 10, 2012 vocal endorsement of gay marriage, the President positively made the right move.

I am going to say this: President Obama voices support of gay marriage

#1 black people are apathetic and don’t vote in large numbers anyway, so who cares what they think!

#2 black people in large numbers do NOT support Obama, black men especially. Black men have a strange mentality where they hate on other men that are more powerful, more educated, and more successful then they with a crabs in a barrel mentality. We see proof of it by allegedly educated professional black men all over Facebook and other social media sites throughout the internet.

#3 with large numbers of black males being currently imprisoned felons or ex-cons, many are barred from voting anyway. Their opinions should never be considered when making decisions about what direction the country should go in.

#4 with black folks being the most ‘Christian’ and religious in the nation, it is shocking that they also tend to be the most judgmental and condemning of any ethnicity besides redneck Whites. It’s like the two are twisted cousins, both hating on our President for no logical reason. The Christian black folks persecution of Obama over gay marriage makes me ill. They sit around pointing the finger and talking crazy when in reality most of the ‘saved’ folks were slinging rocks, smoking rocks, selling their butts or doing other horrible crimes against humanity just a few years ago. Please shut up! If you hadn’t been a mess up you wouldn’t need to be ‘saved’ so your opinion about gay marriage is laughable.

#5 Black people that focus on this one issue as the sole qualifier for their vote and support of Obama are silly. They don’t realize how they are being manipulated and controlled by the right wing Republicans into their camp. Doesn’t matter that they don’t vote Republican – that isn’t the goal. The goal is to get them to NOT support Obama, which they’ve been very successful at. When a large number of a certain demographic all think alike about an issue, it makes them very easy to manipulate and control. Religious black people fall into that ‘group think’ pot.

Bottom line, Obama should not waste his time trying to garner ‘the black vote’ because there really isn’t one.

There are pockets of intelligent Americans that just happen to have dark chocolate or caramel or milk chocolate skin, and they should be courted as thinking individuals on their own merit. But with so many African Americans having their head buried in a bible and unable to even consider other races, viewpoints, and cultures, I think strategically this was the smartest move he could possibly have made.

Obama’s acceptance of gays, lesbians and transgendered peoples crosses all cultural, racial, economic and gender barriers and embraces a sub-group that has been marginalized and maligned for decades. No matter what our race, gender or sexual orientation we are all Americans first and deserve to have equal rights and opportunities.

I love President Barack Obama! Certainly he is not perfect – he’s a man (lol!) and he is in the dirty game of politics which means for one side to win, the other side has to lose. However, this man is the smartest and most qualified Presidential leader this country has ever had. He deserves another four years to continue the work started his current term.

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