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By May 11, 2010

The Stupid Muthafucka Gene


Consider Genetics Before You Choose a Mate:
The Stupid Muthafucka Syndrome Is an Inherited Trait

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Gene Pool or Cesspool?

Scientific studies have proven that we acquire many of our physical and emotional traits from our parents. Diseases like sickle cell and breast cancer, as well as learning disabilities, and bad backs are transferred from parent to child. Talents, dispositions, and personality traits are also passed through the genes.

The mentality and behaviors set out above are part of a family’s gene pool. Ignoring the fact that your partner has schizophrenia, addictive behaviors, depression, violence, criminalistic behaviors, or just plain stupidity in his or her family lineage will come back and bite you in the butt later.

Some psychologists believe that behavior and attitudes are a learned response. However, similar personality and behavioral traits are evidenced, even when children grow up without ever knowing their biological parents. I believe that there is a super-dominant gene, as yet undiscovered by research scientists but which I have cleverly identified as "The Stupid Muthafucka" gene.

What Did You Say?!?

Flash back to 7th grade biology. You might remember that each of your parents carried 23 chromosomes which joined together to create you. Chromosomes determine everything we get from our parents, from hair and eye color to gender. Whether you are born a male or female depends on the presence or absence of certain chromosomes. And whether you are suffering from The Stupid Muthafucka Syndrome or not depends on the presence or absence of certain chromosomes as well, I’m convinced of it.

Dominant genes are the more common traits found in humans such as brown eyes, dark hair, and normal pigment in your skin. Examples of recessive genes are blonde or red hair, thin lips, grey or blue eyes, and albinism. I firmly believe that the Stupid Muthafucka gene is a dominant and not a recessive gene. It also crosses all racial and ethnic divides and is in evidence in men and women worldwide.


Look around! There are more and more stupid muthafuckas crossing our paths every day! The Stupid Muthafucka gene is being passed along from generation to generation, just like genes for eye color and height.

The Stupid Muthafucka Gene in Action!

If your child’s father is an abusive, violent thug, chances are your son is going to grow up with similar anger management issues. If your baby’s daddy is greedy, selfish, and thinks you are there strictly to serve him and meet his needs, chances are your children are going to grow up displaying the same mentality. If your child’s father thinks a hard days work is sitting on the couch playing X-Box and smoking weed, your children are likely to grow up to exhibit the same types of non-dynamic, escapist behaviors.

If your child’s mother is an emotionally unbalanced, low self-esteem having fool with a bad understanding, you can bet one or more of your children will turn out exactly the same way. If your child’s mother is high strung, insecure, needy or a pathological liar, you can bet your offspring will display many if not all of the same mind-blowing personality characteristics.

Tips for Recognizing The Stupid Muthafucka Syndrome

The key to dating success is to learn to recognize when you have met someone suffering from The Stupid Muthafucka Syndrome so you can avoid further involvement right off the bat. Stupid mofos are like leeches… they attach themselves to a host to survive as they drain you dry of money, joy and peace of mind. Here are a few examples of tell-tale behaviors:

  1. Check The Medicine Cabinet. If your honey or anyone in his or her family is taking Zoloft, Paxil, Wellbutrin, Lexapro, Cymbalta, Effexor, Haldol, Clozaril, Zyprexa, Thorazine, Lithium or Geodon, watch out! You are dealing with depression, schizophrenia and/or bipolar disorder – none of which are desirable ailments to pass on. If you don’t want kooky children, run, do not walk in the opposite direction!
  2. Abusive Criminal – Convicted or Not. There are only certain personality types that believe they are justified in robbing, beating, slapping, molesting, stabbing, or in any way harming other people. A man that frequently talks about getting "revenge" on an ex is one best avoided. A sense of entitlement and an outlook on life which only a sociopath could identify with are your big clues here.
  3. Totally or Even Partially Useless. Be concerned if you meet a man who is living with Mom or one of his baby’s mommas, has no job and doesn’t seem to be terribly bothered about getting one. It’s not a good sign that his mother comes over to do his laundry and clean his apartment at 35 years of age either.

    Or perhaps you are dating a woman that has started and dropped out of college, interior design school, a dental assisting program, and beauty college. Shocked, you realize that this woman has never finished anything she started in her entire life. If you have a man that is dependent upon the women in his life for food, clothing, and shelter, why would you want him? These are totally useless people, looking for a meal ticket and someone to take care of them. This is a harsh world we live in. Grown folks need to carry their own weight, be responsible and strive for success in life like mature adults, not living like a dependent child.

  5. Nothing Anyone Does or Says is Good Enough. If a parent’s messages are repeatedly harsh, critical, and negative, a child’s image of herself is that of a bad person, unworthy and incompetent. As an adult this child will be faced with challenges and will most likely say to herself, ”Why bother, I am just going to mess it up anyway!"

    Dorothy Law’s poem Children Learn What They Live contains a line that reads "the child that lives with criticism learns to condemn." How true that is. A family that is constantly criticizing and fault finding teaches it’s young to doubt their judgment and to be suspicious of other people and their intentions. Very often the children of these families grow up believing that they cannot manage, cannot ever be successful… that they are stupid. They feel low, but attempt to build themselves up by putting others down and saying hurtfully critical words. Without intervention and psychotherapy, this is a losing battle of low self esteem and self-hatred.

  6. The Family is a Bit TOO Close. Does your man have an Aunt that is strangely sexual with her nephews? Does your woman seem uncomfortably nervous and jumpy when her father stands a little too close? Does the entire family demand to be consulted before you make a decision about YOUR life? These personalities get upset if a member of the clan tries to have friends or a life that doesn’t include them. Normal boundaries of separation and independence are blurred and merged in some families. You may notice jealous, controlling and manipulative behavior from people that present themselves as sweet and caring.
  7. Things that Make You Go "Huh?" In this category are major personality flaws, weakness, hypocritical belief systems and double standards. You will find yourself feeling frustrated, angry and sometimes even disgusted. He has plenty of female friends, but flips out in a rage if one of YOUR male friends calls. She can flirt "innocently" with strange guys online but goes crazy with accusations if a family friend that just happens to be female sends you an email to say hello.

    In college I dated a guy that often failed to study for midterms, finals and other tests, yet he always blamed the professor for his failing grades! Nothing he ever did was his fault. Failure to take responsibility for his choices and actions, and a preference for blaming others was a major personality flaw I noticed in his mother as well.

    I met a guy that sang in the choir, went to Bible study twice a week, participated in the men’s group, and volunteered to fellowship through the neighborhood. One day he bitterly complained to me about a homeless man coming to the door of the church kitchen after Sunday services, asking for food. He told me that he sent the hungry man away and how tired he was of bums coming to the church "looking for help" and "eating up our food." Wow, what a Christian.

  8. Addictions and Dependencies. Not every addict in the family is going to display the exact same addictive response. Some may be alcoholics or drug abusers, porn addicts, or chain smokers. Yet others may display their addictions in a manner deemed to be more socially acceptable, i.e., workaholism, exercise or religious fanaticism, shopping addictions, or sexual addiction. Scientists have proven that children of addicts and alcoholics either become addicts and alcoholics themselves, or enter into dysfunctional, codependent relationships with addicts and alcoholics.

For those of you dating with an eye to the future, I suggest you do all you can to slow down the pace of your relationships. Do not rush into any heavy emotional involvements until you’ve had a good length of time to listen, look, ask questions, and observe closely.

Do all the research you can to find out about birth defects, insanity, personality traits and criminal behavior in the family line of your romantic interests. Check out the family dynamics and interactions to ferret out major dysfunctions in how these people relate to each other.

You want to avoid having to disgustedly say in 20 years "I can’t believe it! You’re a stupid muthafucka…just like your father!"

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