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By October 1, 2011

The types of women that men avoid


Many guys that are looking for a woman to catch and keep will be put off by certain personalities and behaviour patterns. Learn what will send him running in a heart beat! Dating various people should be undertaken in a manner whereby each date is assessed on their individual qualities and strengths and not immediately categorized. Progressing on to a second or third date with the same person will uncover more of their true self. Many guys that are looking for a woman to catch and keep will be put off by certain personalities and behaviour patterns. Learn what will send him running in a heart beat!


The Flirting Butterfly

If there was no flirting and playfulness between a guy and girl no-one would ever get together. Flirting and teasing is all part of the signs of attraction. Flirting allows us to assess someone’s charm and funny side, or whether they are shy or extroverted.

In a new and developing relationship, a woman that flirts out of habit or need rather than based on a case by case situation should indicate danger signs for the man. It’s a given that the man has earned the right to be the main focus of affections if a commitment has been established. A woman that can’t help touching others and tosses her hair whenever she talks to someone, soon becomes old news real fast…A guy will start to wonder how he can get this same attention from his girl.

Overnight Commitment

There are certain words that should not, under any circumstances, be used on a first, second or third date. And even the forth date for that matter. We are talking about the words marriage, potential children, in-laws or names of future co-owned pets. Putting pressure on a guy from the outset is a big romance killer. A woman who is too quick out of the blocks sends signs of desperation and insecurity.

Your Own Shadow is Enough, You Don’t Need Two

A woman who tries to shadow your every move and can’t do anything without the presence of her man will see him run a country mile. She likes everything you like, attaches herself to your friends leaving hers behind, calls you 10 times a day backed up by text messages, says “I love you” after each and every phone call – it’s nice to be told you’re loved but 10 times a day kind of takes the specialness out of it.

A women that relies on you to fill every aspect of her life should spell a worrying signal to any man that values some level of independence and space. Her demands will make you very resentful – get out while you can!

Party Girls

It’s every mans dream to meet a girl that is funny, happy-go-lucky with a wild side. Men can’t help but show interest in someone who is popular and interesting. Being involved in a relationship with someone who is the town socialite might seem like a good idea at the time, but do guys want their girl going out to parties and night clubs until 4am every weekend – no, they don’t. Without sounding like all men are jealous and un-trusting, it’s more about having a respect for your partner and the relationship that has been committed to.

Someone whose whole life is scheduled around partying signifies they are missing fundamental self inner peace qualities and needs constant hits of artificial happiness or good times to avoid depressive behaviour. And what is she really like once the party is over?

The Chatter Box

Men love women who are relaxed and down to earth. There is someone utterly annoying when a woman simply cannot stop talking long enough to take a breath. The moment she walks through the door or as soon as she gets in the car, it’s blah blah blah, chat chat chat, yak yak yak.

In all honesty, what could have happened in the last day or two since you last saw each other that could fill up hours of non-stop chatter? Nothing, because she is too self absorbed with spewing out every little insignificant detail and insight of her life. These types of women often ask very few questions about you and your world, making it near impossible to have a healthy two way conversation.

Finding the Right Woman

If you have a habit of attracting women that fall into these categories, trying searching through some online dating sites and chat online to some single girls in order to determine the duds from the good ones before meeting them in person.

One of the golden rules any relationships expert will tell you is that one’s core personality should never try to be changed, why? because it can’t be changed. We also know that no woman or man is perfect, but these distinctive personality types show signs of a long hard road ahead.

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